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Professional laundry detergents

We are the manufacturer of the REMUS
line - professional laundry detergents.
We offer all-purpose and specialist laundry liquid and concentrated detergents.

for cleaning companies

For years, we have been supplying distributors of detergents and cleaning companies with cleaning and washing products as well as soaps. Our offer includes all-purpose as well as specialist detergents for cleaning.

and gastronomy

Our cleaners, laundry detergents and soaps are used in the hotel industry as well as in gastronomy.

Industrial plants

Our specialist cleaners are ideal for heavy dirt in various types of industrial plants, e.g. production halls, warehouses, etc. In turn, our specialist soaps offer skincare for hands.

Car workshops

We offer specialist soaps created for heavily soiled hands of car mechanics, cleaners for workshop surfaces, and car shampoos.

Pharmaceutical companies

We have extensive experience in the production of soaps for pharmaceutical companies. Such products are a company’s unique business card combined with product advertising, which can be found in doctor's offices.

Products for advertising agencies

We manufacture customized detergents. We prepared products per special orders for advertising agencies, in particular advertising soaps that promote companies and their products.


Wiromix at Interclean Amsterdam

6-7 november 2020

Interclean Amsterdam is the largest professional cleaning exhibition in the world where the global cleaning and cleanliness industry meets. Over 800 of the world’s leading cleaning...



As a manufacturer of household and professional detergents, we are absolutely aware of the impact that our production has on the environment. Our products are more than 90% biodegradable. However, we decided to be even more environmentally friendly. Our offer has been expanded with ecological cleaners...

Higiena rąk

According to the WHO

Frequent washing of hands with soap and water is the number one of the WHO recommendations in preventing viral infections!!!

According to the WHO, “hand hygiene is an essential measure to limit the spread of infection.”


Chemiczna Wiromix S.C.

Wytwórnia Chemiczna Wiromix S.C. was founded in 1982 by people with passion for creating and improving chemical products for household and business.

Thanks to their hard work and strong will, the dream came true, which enabled us to create jobs for wonderful people. We are proud that for four decades we have consistently proved that we are a reliable business partner.

The mission of W.CH. Wiromix S.C. is to manufacture high-quality household and professional detergents and implement non-standard orders, while adhering to high production norms and standards, taking care of the family nature of the company, while keeping up with modern trends.


ul. Mickiewicza 12a,
05-120 Legionowo

+48 22 784 47 75

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